Commercial Janitorial Services

A&A is a national provider of commercial janitorial services in both union and non-union environments. We are committed to the health and safety of people and overall building wellness. Our People First™ approach is achieved by utilizing innovative methodologies, cleaning techniques, materials, and technology. We provide the following services:

Daily & Periodic Cleaning

Elevated Facility Solutions For Commercial Properties

Customizable programs designed to cover a wide variety of properties ranging from small office buildings, corporate campus, office park and more. A&A specializes in maintaining facilities with our well trained, experienced teams and industry leading innovations.  

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WellnessClean™ Elevated Cleaning Protocols

A People First Approach to Facility Wellness

Exclusively by A&A, WellnessClean™ is our proprietary elevated cleaning process that focuses on building and occupant wellness. This people first approach utilizes continuously updated CDC standards and medical approved procedures to provide a healthy, clean environment.

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Dark Facility Support

A Program to Maintain While You're Away

Our proactive program will significantly reduce the risk of disaster or a major damage event. This small investment will significantly reduce the cost of reopening and will help prevent critically hazardous conditions from developing.

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Supplemental Healthcare Services

Your EVS Infection Prevention Partner.

 We have developed specialized Supplemental Healthcare Services for hospitals, senior living spaces as well as variety of other healthcare related facilities. Our programs are designed as a supplement to in-house Environmental Services to meet the changing demands that may exceed the existing scope and expertise of the staff.

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Carpet Care

A Systematic Approach to Carpet Cleanliness 

Carpet is now the number one floor covering in most commercial environments. A&A customizes carpet care plans to assist in protecting this major investment. We use innovative equipment and methodologies as well environmentally safe supplies, and well-trained technicians to deliver a thorough cleaning and a healthy business environment for all building occupants

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Tile & Grout Restoration

Restore, Sanitize and Protect Existing Tile and Grout  

Over time, grout lines become stained and unsanitary. Continued use of harsh chemicals breaks down grout making it porous; collecting dirt and grime. Our tile & grout restoration system removes discoloration and bacteria, and also creates a protective coating over the areas that will acts as a barrier against impurities. This process is designed to extend the life and beauty of the treated areas.

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Hard Floor Care & Finishing

Customized Solutions For All Floor Care Needs

Whether it is VCT, natural stone, marble, concrete, terrazzo, wood, rubber, ceramic or linoleum, A&A designs custom solutions to keep your floors clean, protected and safe. All services are completed by our well-trained flooring technicians that utilize a wide range of techniques, equipment and procedures based on the unique complexities of each situation. 

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Commercial Tenant Services

Variety of Offerings For Multi-Tenant Buildings

Fully customizable a la carte offerings to provide value added services for tenants leasing commercial spaces. The services offered ranging from painting and clean up to carpet care, full service disinfecting as well as elevated cleaning services and more. All services provided are designed to meet individual needs, requirements and timeframes. 

Post Construction Cleaning Services

Cleaning After Construction So You Can Be Ready For Business

Our team of experts clean and prepare your space for move in and set up. Our tailored solutions are designed to ensure your commercial space or building is clean and inviting upon entry. Construction can be unpredictable, so we work closely with contractors and other service technicians to help ensure your timelines and deadlines are met.

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Public Events & Venue Cleaning Services

Ensuring Clean Environments For Fans and Attendees

A&A provides all pre-event cleaning, post event cleaning and during the event cleaning services. We specialize in providing top quality event cleaning services to a variety of events and venues. We customize a program to ensure proper staffing levels to achieve the desired cleanliness goals for pre, during and post event. 

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24 Hour Emergency Services

Committed to Customer Service 24 / 7 / 365

Expect the unexpected. Our team is prepared and available to get your facility back up and running. Our expertise includes a wide range of clean up including: natural disaster, fire/smoke damage, mold remediation, flooding and water damage. Our trained staff provides quick, detailed assessments and deploys the appropriate actions for for each unique situation. 

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Additional Commercial Services

Various Value-Add Facility Services 

A&A provides a wide variety of additional services designed to provide one point of contact for various tasks including: windows, painting, handyman services, pressure washing, snow removal, landscaping, engineering services and more. Based on the scope and task, we deploy our team or work with our partners companies to ensure appropriate execution of each situation.  

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