Wellnessclean™ Optimize Your Space Through Custom Commercial Cleaning Protocols

Commercial Disinfectant Cleaning

Today’s high stakes health environment requires a solution beyond traditional cleaning. WellnessClean™ combines tools, training, and attention to every detail, so our team can inspire confidence and comfort in the safety of your environment.

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Tailored solutions for your budget, schedule, operational needs, and culture.

Elevating the cleaning process

What is WellnessClean?

WellnessClean™ is a holistic approach to commercial cleaning, based on elevating, evolving, and auditing. We bring elevated cleaning protocols and atmospheric disinfection together with increased optics and communication strategies. Ongoing cleaning audits, based on custom KPIs for your organization, allow us to quantify the success of our operations, so you have something concrete to trust.

How Does WellnessClean™ Evolve?

We stay ahead of the evolving normal, through training, certification, education, and supply chain management, so you can have total confidence in our commercial cleaning services.

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Interested in Wellnessclean?

Tailored solutions for your budget, schedule, operational needs, and culture.


Training, Certifications, & Education

Our rigorous training programs, based on GBAC standards, align with and exceed the guidelines of the CDC, EPA, WHO, and other recognized agencies. These programs are third-party verified and approved, designed for highly effective execution of all tasks. Maintaining our certifications (General Cleaner, WellnessClean™ Specialist, and WellnessClean™ Ambassador) requires frequent and ongoing education so that our team’s expertise evolves with the times.

Supply Chain Management & Continuous Evolution

Sustainable products meet forward-thinking philosophies in our diverse, secure supply chain. As the times get more unpredictable, it’s our commitment to remain nimble, developing redundancies to protect our supplies, and align with regulatory demands.

Our leadership team has developed up-to-date state and regional protocols, covering evolving considerations and emerging technologies, to ensure WellnessClean™ remains the pinnacle of commercial cleaning services. Our WellnessClean™ Expert Panel of industry-specific advisors and auditing accreditors keeps us vigilant in the face of regulatory fluctuations.

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