Corporate Responsibility

At A&A we recognize the paramount importance of implementing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles within our company. We are dedicated to minimizing our organizational impacts on both people and the planet, while simultaneously creating long-term and enduring value in the communities where we operate.

ESG is a fundamental aspect of our business philosophy and by embracing responsible ESG practices, we not only reduce our environmental footprint but also foster a culture of respect and inclusivity, ensuring the well-being of our team members and the satisfaction of our clients. We are proud of our unwavering commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices that benefit not only our organization but also the world at large.

A message from our CEO

words we stand behind as a company

"We believe that a sustainable business is a healthy business, with transparent disclosures and communications contributing to enterprise value, and sound environmental and social practices reducing overall risk. This disclosure takes a step towards ensuring transparency in our actions,and sets the stage for us to improve upon our practices and increase our ambition.”

Armando Rodriguez, JR

President and CEO


Environmental Leadership

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Consumption

A&A believes that every company has a responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strive to meet global targets to avert the worst consequences of global warming. Our direct energy consumption predominantly comes from our headquarters building and our fleet; our corporate practices help our customers minimize energy consumption in their buildings.

Our fleet vehicles are used to transport materials and personnel to and from our customers sites, with fifty eight vehicles in total. We use shuttle buses and medium duty vans for most of our operations, and assign hybrid electric vehicles to managers who drive to multiple sites at a time. We are exploring options to electrify our fleet, as there are now electric vehicles that can fulfill most of our duty cycles.

We are proud to say that we have bought seven electric vehicles into the fleet, with six of those replacing gas or diesel vehicles and one addition to the fleet. We are on track to drive 200,000 electrified miles over the course of 2023 with our three Ford E-Transit Vans, 3 Tesla Model 3 sedans, and one Tesla Model Y SUV. We are eagerly seeking opportunities to expand our electric fleet given the fuel and maintenance savings associated with these vehicles and the reduction in our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) footprint. Given that we do not own sites where we operate, we will need to ensure that there is adequate charging infrastructure to support an electric fleet without impacting our employees' daily duties

Our energy consumption metrics are below
Fleet Fuel Consumption US Gallons of Gasoline 15,423 136.8
Building Electricity Consumption kWh 106,819 43.68
Building Natural Gas Consumption CCF 4,985 29.91
Total Scope 1 + 2 GHG Emissions Tons CO2e 210.39

*note - vehicle electricity consumption and diesel usage not included

Product Environmental Performance

As a janitorial services company, our products constitute our largest environmental impact. We believe in reducing the embodied environmental impacts of our product use, as well as using products that lead to better indoor air quality at our customer sites. Our Green Cleaning Policy is in place at all of our client sites. Over 50% of all consumable product spend is certified as "green" by a third party such as EcoLogo.

Waste Management

A&A values the pivotal role janitorial services play in waste reduction, recycling, and reuse. Our staff diligently adhere to waste and recycling separation protocols in the buildings we serve. We collaborate with clients and properties to elevate waste diversion and reuse rates. Our commitment to sustainability has earned us the prestigious Golden Dumpster Award, notably in Seattle's Millennium Tower. This award presented by Recology King County, BOMA Seattle/King County, and Seattle Public Utilities, celebrates local businesses' green achievements, recognizing their efforts in reducing waste, cutting solid waste management expenses, and preserving natural resources

A&A ESG Factsheet & Narrative

Promoting Sustainability for a Better Tomorrow.

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