Maintain GxP Compliance In Life Science Facilities

A&A has nearly 50 years of experience in the most complex environments and provides companies with carefully chosen, highly-trained GxP associates and
managers who diligently uphold regulatory compliance. A&A is agile and can respond quickly to provide mission-critical solutions with local support.

We create customized, quality GxP cleaning and maintenance programs that are reinforced by a robust infrastructure and protocols. Those include contingency plans, a conscientious and loyal team, comprehensive infection prevention, and GxP expertise for the most critical environments. Our People First™ culture and advanced employee training programs provide the right people with less turnover and precise Good Documentation Practices (GDP), mitigating the risk of costly product contamination and stoppages.

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Tailored solutions to achieve your GxP, CNC, and GDocP standards.

The A&A Difference

The life sciences industry is an ever-evolving field requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. Our experienced technicians are trained to understand and meet the rigorous safety, compliance, and efficiency standards required for businesses to succeed in the life sciences sector.

To meet these demands, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including facility maintenance, GxP cleanroom cleaning, and validation services. Each service is designed to optimize your facility's performance, minimize contamination risks, and streamline processes.

Maintaining GxP compliance in life science facilities requires a high level of attention to detail and adherence to strict safety and cleaning standards. Here is a general process for professionally cleaning a life science facility.

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A glimpse inside our process

Elevated protocols are key when it comes to health and safety

Cleaning a life science facility requires a high level of attention to detail and adherence to strict safety and compliance standards. Here is a general process for professionally cleaning life science facilities:
During this time, our associate will typically perform a range of cleaning tasks, such as:
  • Conduct a site assessment: Before starting the cleaning process, assess the facility to determine the areas that require cleaning and the level of cleaning needed. This includes identifying any GxP cleanrooms, CNC spaces, or areas with unique cleaning requirements.
  • Develop a cleaning plan: Based on the assessment, develop a cleaning plan that outlines the scope of work, the cleaning methods and products to be used, and the schedule for cleaning.
  • Prepare the cleaning area: Prepare the area to be cleaned by removing equipment, supplies, and materials. Cover all critical equipment and remove any hazardous or sensitive materials from the area.
  • Perform cleaning: Clean the area using appropriate cleaning methods and products. This includes dusting, wiping down surfaces, mopping floors, and cleaning equipment.
  • Conduct testing and validation: After cleaning, conduct testing and validation to ensure that the area meets all regulatory requirements. This may include air quality testing, surface testing, and other validation measures.
  • Document the cleaning process: Document the cleaning process and any testing or validation results in accordance with GDocP requirements and standards.
  • Implement ongoing cleaning and maintenance: Develop an ongoing cleaning and maintenance plan to ensure that the area remains clean and compliant with industry standards. This includes regular cleaning and monitoring of critical environments and equipment
It is important to note that the cleaning process may vary depending on the specific requirements of the facility and the materials being used. It is also essential to follow all safety and compliance standards and to work with experienced professionals to ensure that the cleaning process is performed safely and effectively.
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Brochure: A&A Life Science Facility Services

Learn how our elevated cleaning protocols have been raising the bar in life science services for 50 years.

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Brochure: A&A Life Science Facilities

Learn how our elevated cleaning protocols have been raising the bar in school cleaning services for 50 years

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We work with a range of facilities, including pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Learn how our elevated cleaning protocols ensure your facility maintains a health & safety level - better than ever.

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