Educational Facilities

Providing healthy spaces for faculty and students. 

A&A has a passion for the education sector because we believe it is the key for all of us to gain knowledge. We take the responsibility of providing healthy spaces to faculty and students extremely seriously. We feel fortunate to play a role in providing rewarding experiences for schools and universities across the country. 

Our cleaning services designed specifically for educational facilities are customized to provide affordable and sustainable cleaning solutions that meet budgetary requirements while also focusing on overall building wellness. Our People First™ approach and efficient, streamlined operations include the following key attributes:

  • Decades of experience cleaning educational facilities
  • Cost Saving Strategies
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Innovate Technologies
  • Facility Wellness Programs
  • Advanced Disinfection Protocols
  • Unparalleled Training Programs
  • Transparency Through KPIs
Customizable Services

Elevated Facility Solutions Designed Around Your Goals

A&A is a national provider of commercial janitorial services in both union and non-union environments. We are committed to the health and safety of people and overall building wellness. Our People First™ approach is achieved by utilizing innovative methodologies, cleaning techniques, materials, and technology. We provide a wide range of industry specific services.

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Our Methodology

A 360° Approach to Facility Wellness

Our People First™ approach and dedication to building wellness creates environments where building occupants can be more productive, while also extending the life of building assets. A&A has developed and implemented SYNC 360 which is a customizable, innovative approach to commercial cleaning that focuses on efficiencies, sustainability and overall building wellness.

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