Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Customized cleaning designed around your goals. 

A&A was founded by servicing commercial office spaces in 1973 and has continued to innovate in this space. We have developed customizable programs designed to cover a wide variety of properties ranging from small office buildings, corporate campus, office park and more. A&A specializes in maintaining facilities with our well trained, experienced teams and industry leading innovations.    

Our Commercial Office Space cleaning services are customized around your goals and culture. Our People First™ approach is designed around health, sustainability and efficient, streamlined operations. Some key attributes to our services include:

  • CIMS & CIMS-GB with Honors
  • LEED Accredited Experts
  • Innovate Technologies
  • Facility Wellness Programs
  • Unparalleled Training Programs
  • Transparency Through KPIs
  • Glide Path Savings
Customizable Services

Elevated Facility Solutions Designed Around Your Goals

A&A is a national provider of commercial janitorial services in both union and non-union environments. We are committed to the health and safety of people and overall building wellness. Our People First™ approach is achieved by utilizing innovative methodologies, cleaning techniques, materials, and technology. We provide a wide range of industry specific services.

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Our Methodology

A 360° Approach to Facility Wellness

Our People First™ approach and dedication to building wellness creates environments where building occupants can be more productive, while also extending the life of building assets. A&A has developed and implemented SYNC 360 which is a customizable, innovative approach to commercial cleaning that focuses on efficiencies, sustainability and overall building wellness.

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