What Can A WellnessClean™ Ambassador Mean For Your facility?

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Commercial Disinfectant Cleaning


This month marks the near one-year anniversary from when the coronavirus pandemic began making its impact felt across our country and across every industry we could’ve imagined. 

In the wake of the challenges that presented themselves, the cleaning industry, one that’s usually out of the spotlight, was brought front and center as a pivotal component to our nation’s recovery. 

As we began to see the immediate priorities of our customers shifting to focus on preparing their operations for the effects of the pandemic, we mobilized and innovated a service offering that could walk hand-in-hand with our customers- that’s how Wellness Clean™ was born.

WellnessClean™ is our certified program backed by GBAC Standards that elevates traditional cleaning protocols and focuses on the health, safety and well-being of building occupants. A further evolution and commitment to our culture of always putting People First™ – no matter what health and safety concerns are laid in front of us.

From a mission to make building occupants feel safer and to allow for the possibility of safely increased re-occupancy, we created a new program and more importantly, a new role, the Wellness Clean Ambassador. 

WellnessClean™ Ambassadors are the driving force behind our Wellness Clean™ program- they drive the implementation of elevated services for our customers. Simply put, they are Ambassadors of excellence for A&A with a level of training seldom seen in the industry. 

Ambassadors are GBAC Certified Professionals with a deep understanding of not only our company’s core policies and procedures, but also the following:

    • Incident Site Risk Assessment
    • Pre-Disinfection
    • Load Reduction
    • Forensic Cleaning
    • Professional Disinfection
    • and Post-Site Assessment Quality Control

What does the presence of a WellnessClean™ Ambassador mean for a facility?

First and foremost, Ambassadors provide a source of comfort and reliability for our clients as their point-of-contact for all of their concerns and questions. 

As a point of reference for the value being provided from an overall competence and training standpoint, we’ve developed a chart to better communicate the level of service a WellnessClean™ Ambassador can provide to a facility.


At A&A, we are driven by a core belief that if you put people first, good service naturally has to follow. For us, this means not only providing a level of service that matches that belief, but also providing the optics for your occupants to feel safer, knowing our staff is present. The WellnessClean™ Ambassador is there to make sure that perception is in fact reality in this case. 

We hope you now have a better understanding of not only what a WellnessClean™ Ambassador is or does, but also the value that they can bring to your facility.

If you’re interested to learn more about our WellnessClean™ Ambassador Program, contact us today to speak to one of our specialists. 

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