WellnessClean™: Beyond Traditional Cleaning

WellnessClean is our solution to health in today’s environment.

Our team is highly trained with all the proper tools and ready to get your team back to work — safely and with confidence.

Our 360˚ Approach to WellnessClean™ Includes:

Elevated Cleaning Protocols

Understanding that not every situation is not a “one size fits all” requirement, A&A takes traditional cleaning beyond usual standards by deploying increased cadences and protocols, customized to a facility’s needs, in order to provide an even healthier environment for occupants.

Atmospheric Disinfection

By utilizing broad-spectrum disinfection technologies, we further increase the effectiveness of our cleaning protocols, ensuring the utmost safety within in our facilities. We tailor each program to a facility’s specific requirements, utilizing a combination of the following.

KPI Auditing

Our fully transparent auditing tools include visual inspections and safety protocols as well as  evidence-based testing to ensure A&A has reach or exceeded initial KPIs for your facility.

Optics and Communication

A&A is not only committed to health and wellness throughout your facilities, but also aims to ensure that your people feel safer from our enhanced team member protocols. This visual validation for facility occupants’ visuals on site throughout the facility and during all open hours. Our WellnessClean team members have been third-party certified in our extensive training programs and wear specialty uniforms indicating as such.

Training, Certifications, & Continuing Education

A&A has created rigorous training programs based on GBAC standards following the guidelines of the CDC, EPA, WHO and other recognized agencies.

Supply Chain and Continuous Evolution

With the increased demand, A&A has focused on securing supply chain needs, as well as diversifying suppliers to ensure redundancy. It is our commitment to stay nimble and fluid in these ever-evolving times – with product being always available – while also adhering to all regulatory agencies.


When our people are onsite, your people feel safer.

Our team is highly trained with all the proper tools and ready to keep your team confident in being in the workplace.

WellnessClean is a certified program backed by GBAC Standards that elevates traditional cleaning protocols and focuses on the health, safety and wellbeing of building occupants. A further evolution and commitment to our culture of always putting People First – no matter what health and safety concerns are laid in front of us.

To create a custom plan to protect your facility and more importantly your people, reach out to one of our Wellness Clean™ Specialists.

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