The Quality Assurance Specialist Partner You Need For Your Facility

quality assurance partner for your facility

quality assurance partner for your facility

The Quality Assurance Specialist Partner You Need For Your Facility

Is your current facility management and maintenance team stretched too thin? Would a second set (or an entire team) of eyes help you make sure your building is always looking and running at its very best? Consider hiring a cleaning company that provides quality assurance (QA) services.

For most building managers and directors, it’s not possible to monitor every square inch of their building. With budgets tighter than ever, more emphasis on perfection, and higher customer demands, managing and maintaining a building is more challenging than ever.

However, outsourcing to a cleaning company that provides QA services could be the solution instead of hiring additional staff. Quality assurance is a more rigorous and strategic approach to facility management and maintenance — but it’s not something just any cleaning service can provide.

We know it sounds strange, but our team is trained to carefully and systematically observe the condition of your building. 

The results have been impressive; with our custodians on the front lines, we’ve been able to identify potential damage before it becomes a bigger problem. Plus, we record worn-out parts that need replacing, and note areas of your building that require special attention or additional cleaning services. 

The best part? We report back what we see, so you can be sure your building is looking and running as smoothly as you expect it to.

And it makes sense. 

Because we’re sanitizing, cleaning, and interacting with every corner and crevice of your building, our team can provide a detailed, comprehensive assessment of your facility.

Let’s take a look at why you need a partner like A&A for your cleaning service and quality assurance.

finding the right quality assurance partner for your facility


So, what does a cleaning partner that provides QA services look like?

At A&A, we have an entire team of custodians who are trained to observe and report on the condition of your facility. They work closely with building directors or managers to help ensure that the facility is always running at peak performance. 

Analyzing and managing the quality of a facility requires expertise and attention to detail. Our team of custodians is trained to look for signs of wear and tear and damage that could lead to bigger issues, like leaks or structural problems. 

This tireless process is another part of our cleaning routine that helps you get the most out of your building. Here’s a little bit of our approach to quality assurance:


We make sure that our custodians are constantly monitoring the condition of your building and its features. This involves regular inspections and assessments of your facility, from top to bottom.

We inspect areas such as: 

  • Walls and ceilings for signs of damage 
  • Floors for wear or loose tiles 
  • Doors and windows for signs of forced entry 
  • Lighting fixtures for malfunctioning parts 
  • Handrails and safety features for structural integrity 


Our team uses technology to share data and track progress. We use our cloud-based AA360 system to provide a comprehensive service request, work order, preventative maintenance, and account management tool. 

We believe that it’s important to keep you informed about the status of your building, no matter where you are in the world.

person training cleaning company employees


If you’re currently working with a cleaning company, make sure they have the right training to provide quality assurance services. 

Unfortunately, most providers don’t offer this service — it falls outside of their defined scope of work. Accurate quality assurance requires meticulous training, stringent standards, and flawless procedure design to ensure that all inspections are conducted properly and accurately.

So, be sure to ask for proof if your current or prospective cleaning partner claims to provide quality assurance services.

At A&A, we prioritize quality and safety. All of our custodians are trained to recognize signs of potential damage, like leaks or frayed wiring. They can also spot areas that need special attention, such as air ducts or restroom stalls. 

Some cleaners put blinders on when their job is done. We make sure that our custodians are always looking out for the best interests of your facility, long after they’ve completed their work. By creating routines centered around QA, our teams don’t miss anything. 

It’s taken us over 50 years in the industry to perfect our QA process. So, while it’s not impossible for a company to launch overnight and meet the same standards, it’s not easy. 

When you hire a team with substandard training, you’re risking the safety and longevity of your facility, staff, and patrons. 

To truly benefit from a cleaning company that provides QA, you need more than a few janitors. Instead, look for a strategic team emphasizing the importance of training, communication, and going above and beyond daily. 

At A&A, we take great pride in our commitment to providing top-notch QA services. With us, you can finally trust that your facility is in good hands and that all inspections are conducted accurately and precisely. 


Now that you know the importance of QA services and how finding the right cleaning service provider can help, let’s take a look at how outsourcing your cleaning service can benefit your facility.

group of workers seeing the benefits of outsourcing QA to a cleaning provider


Does your facility have a quality assurance program in place? A&A can help you develop and implement one that meets your facility’s needs. We make sure all of our custodians are trained on the program, so they know exactly what to look for during their inspections. 

With so much on the plates of facility managers, a provider like A&A can take the burden off their shoulders by running all of their quality assurance checks in-house. 

We’ll share our knowledge, best practices, and tips collected from our decades of practical experience — so you can have peace of mind that your facility is in good hands. 


How long is your quality assurance feedback loop? With A&A, you can get near-instant feedback. Our custodians report issues as soon as they find them, and our account managers make sure the report is documented properly. 

Many facilities rely on their staff or visitors to notice and report issues, but this doesn’t always happen. Most will either ignore or adapt to malfunctioning facilities. 

By having an outside partner watch over your facility, you can trust that any potential problems will be reported right away. 


Most cleaning crews are not trained in quality assurance. That’s why it’s important to find a provider like A&A that specializes in both quality assurance and cleaning. 

Our custodians are trained to recognize potential hazards, such as frayed electrical wiring or water damage on ceilings. They know the importance of keeping up with routine inspections so they can pick up any issues before they become bigger. 

By combining our deep cleaning and sanitation skills with our QA expertise, you can rest assured that your facility is safe and secure.

two coworkers smiling about the finding the right QA partner


When your facility isn’t up to par, it makes a bad impression on visitors and staff alike. That’s why quality assurance is so critical in today’s world. 

Negative online reviews, word of mouth about shoddy maintenance, and other signs of a poorly run facility will quickly lead to lost customers or patients. 

By hiring A&A as your cleaning partner, you can trust that our team is actively working to ensure all areas are up to code. That way, you can rest assured that the customer or patient experience isn’t compromised by a lack of attention


Depending on your industry, regulations, and standards can change frequently. That’s why it’s important to have an up-to-date partner on all the latest requirements. 

As part of our ongoing training, we update procedures and keep our custodians informed of all the latest developments. We’ll share our resources and expertise, so your in-house crew can take advantage of our uncompromising mission to be the best cleaning service around. 

By eliminating the threat of violations, you can reduce unexpected costs from fines and protect your organization from potential civil or criminal liability. This is an unmeasurable benefit that only a quality cleaning service partner can provide. 


Speaking of saving money, outsourcing a cleaning service partner can also reduce the need for in-house labor. 

The overhead associated with hiring a team of QA specialists is often too cost-prohibitive for many organizations. By teaming up with A&A, you can take advantage of our quality assurance expertise and still keep your costs down. 

We’ll provide the necessary resources to ensure you meet all standards and regulations without breaking the bank. This way, you can focus on other important areas of your business while knowing that the custodial and QA tasks are in good hands. 

Centralizing costs for multiple functions is one of the smartest ways to minimize expenses and maximize efficiency—A&A is the perfect partner to help you achieve this goal. 

maintaining records for quality assurance


In addition to spotting potential issues, quality assurance is all about maintaining detailed records and documentation. 

At A&A, we understand the importance of accurate paperwork for businesses. We keep meticulous records of our inspections, so you can be sure that no details are overlooked. Whether it’s a report on cleaning supplies or a list of daily activities, we’ll have you covered. 

Having a partner like A&A is also great for audits and other compliance requirements. Our records are comprehensive and well-organized, so you can rest easy knowing that all your documentation needs are handled. 


This might seem a bit redundant, but it’s important enough to call out independently. 

The key to quality assurance is regular and routine inspections. If your team is struggling to keep up with the inspections or if you’re having difficulty finding the time to do them, an outsourcing partner is the answer.

Our team of trained custodians looks for issues every time they’re onsite. This way, small problems are caught before they become bigger — reducing repairs, mitigating injury, and keeping everyone safe.  


Quality assurance is also about continuous improvement and feedback. 

At A&A, we take customer feedback seriously. We use it to improve our services and make sure everyone’s needs are met every single time. Our team of trained custodians will work with you to ensure all your requirements are taken care of in a timely manner. 

We can customize our services to your needs by taking feedback seriously. We understand that every job is unique and strive to provide the best quality assurance for all our customers. 

A&A brings together all the benefits of outsourcing a cleaning service and quality assurance into one unbeatable partnership. With us, you can rest assured knowing that your facility is running smoothly, up-to-code, and in compliance with all regulations.

A&A the quality assurance partner for your facility


Ready to start outsourcing your facility’s quality assurance to a trusted cleaning partner? A&A is here to help. For decades, we’ve been developing a proven process for quality assurance and custodial services. Our team is experienced, professional, and dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible results. 

We’re confident you’ll see the difference when you partner with A&A for your custodial and quality assurance needs. Let us show you what sets us apart from other cleaning partners — talk to our team today! 

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