One Important New Year’s Resolution: Rethink Commercial Cleaning

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Commercial Cleaning

Why the right facility management partner is key.

If a new facility cleaning partner hasn’t been on your mind for 2023, it’s time to at least consider your options. In fact, 66% of U.S. employees now rank workplace cleanliness as extremely important.

A clean and tidy workplace isn’t just beneficial for employees, it’s beneficial for management and shareholders too, with studies reporting a 15% increase in worker productivity when spaces are well-kept and organized. When they’re not? Messy offices can lead to huge losses in productivity.

Unkempt common areas, overflowing trash bins, and lackluster bathrooms don’t just contribute to employee inefficiency and unsanitary conditions, a lack of tidiness has also been shown to heighten stress, lowering the immune systems of employees already vulnerable to the spread of illness in the workplace. With sickness and injury the leading causes of increased absenteeism, maintaining a clean work environment is more important than ever.

Maybe your current provider is meeting your expectations, but discovering a better cleaning partner may actually change where your expectations lie. A&A, a minority-owned facility provider, can meet you where you are… and go beyond.

A regular cleaning schedule, seasonal deep cleaning, and establishing a tidiness policy will help your workspace to flourish. Not only are these proven to boost productivity and morale—they’ll help keep all workers safe and healthy as winter flu season continues.

Let this be the year you increase productivity and decrease company losses. Start saving money today.

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