People First Spotlight: Sonia and Stephanie Aguilar

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Last week, two of our A&A team members were thrust into the spotlight when a car crash took place in front of their eyes while on the way to work. 

Mother and daughter duo, Sonia and Stephanie Aguilar were on their way to work early last week when they witnessed a motorist speeding across an intersection and slamming into a building near our Yonkers headquarters. 

Without a second thought, Sonia and Stephanie jumped into action and rushed to the scene of the crash. They found the driver unresponsive in the front seat but couldn’t open the driver side door to pull him out. As the car continued to smoke, they knew if they couldn’t pull the driver from the wreck, that he may have ultimately been burned alive. 

In an act of heroism, they eventually pulled the driver from the car, pulling him out through the back door, minutes before the car burst into flames. 

Once they got him out of the car, they comforted him and waited for first responders to arrive until they dutifully continued their morning commute to work. 

When asked if they would do it all over again, both women said:

“Without question, in a heart beat.”

And the driver they saved? He’s expected to be completely fine, thanks to Sonia and Stephanie. 

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