Lessons learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Pandemic Cleaning Tips


At a time when COVID infection rates are the lowest they’ve been in 15 months, the United States has reached a point where a lot of us can look back on the challenging circumstances we endured, to glean valuable lessons for the future. 

Unlike many other industries (albeit against their will) which shut down, the importance of the cleaning industry’s role towards recovery was emphasized unlike ever before. 

And while A&A wasn’t shutdown, we did accumulate experiences from which we’ve learned some valuable lessons. 

The Cleaning Industry is part of the backbone of our nation’s economy

As some say, “health is wealth” and never was that made more clear than in the last year. We learned just how important it is to provide safe and healthy environments for our citizens to work in and our children to learn in.

Even now, as we progress towards normalcy, we see the effect of this pandemic on our industries simply trying to return to pre-pandemic operating procedures. 

Effective cleaning is critical and valuable. 

What good is a cleaning strategy if the implementation of it is ineffective. Ultimately, we at A&A are dedicated to delivering the best possible service for our customers, and that means making sure that our cleaning methods are effective. 

In this pandemic climate, we’ve learned that companies who are able to provide and prove effective in delivering the best results are valued. At A&A, our culture is such that we constantly are striving to improve, focusing on progress over perfection. It was that same culture that helped us usher in our WellnessClean™ program, which revolutionized our approach to cleaning in response to COVID-19.

Cleaning professionals are no longer being overlooked

For years, whether intentionally or unintentionally, frontline professional cleaning workers were often considered afterthoughts rather than valued contributing members of the work environment. 

This perspective shifted overnight, when the entire world was able to see the impact of cleaning technicians around the world, on the frontlines of our global fight against COVID-19. 

Training is critical to success. 

The greatest strategy and cleaning methods in the world are useless if there isn’t a sound training infrastructure in place to guarantee top-notch implementation. 

In response to our growing needs in the field, we doubled down on our training efforts by creating rigorous training programs based on GBAC standards in adherence to the latest CDC, EPA, and WHO guidelines. 

These efforts were most seen in our WellnessClean™ program where we added three levels of training:

  • General Cleaner
  • WellnessClean™ Specialist
  • WellnessClean™ Ambassador 

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