Crystal Star Award 2021 Recipients

As the year draws to a close, it’s time for our long-standing annual tradition of awarding a few special employees with the Crystal Star Award.

Every year, we come together as a company to recognize and reward those who have exemplified the qualities we value most. These Crystal Star Award winners are team members who have proven to be strong, dedicated employees, capable of elevating the quality of service we provide nationwide. 

At A&A, we operate by a standard we’ve coined: People First™. It’s this People First™ approach that sets the intention of our work each day to better serve our customers and to also make A&A the type of workplace our employees are proud to call their work home. It’s in part because of this that we take the time to honor a few employees who have exemplified this People First™ standard each year.

With another tough pandemic year behind us, we are even more grateful to have such dependable team members who continue to be the embodiment of diligence, perseverance, and courage in their day-to-day work.

It is our honor to present the 2021 Armando Rodriguez Sr. Crystal Star Award to the following recipients:

Ernesto Aguilar, Operations Manager

“Ernesto has been working for the company since 2011, he started as a site supervisor for PepsiCo, then he was promoted to be an operations manager for the CT area and then Westchester area. He is a person with whom I have been able to place trust and respect; during these years he has developed an admirable work skill for which has helped to maintain a very organized line of work.

He is always a collaborator and helps his coworkers at all the times, his direct employees have great respect towards him, the customers always provide an excellent opinion about him and his work. It is very nice to share with him and listen to his work experiences.”

Rigoberto Bejar, Day Porter

“There isn’t a job or task that is below “Rigo”. From routine cleaning, filling in for absent colleagues, Wellness Cleaning and emergency disinfecting, clearing toilets to flood clean up, window cleaning, weekend special projects and meeting vendors for delivery drop offs. When Rigo is asked to step in, we know the job will be completed timely and to the A&A standard of excellence.”

Jenny Delgado, Day Working Supervisor

Jenny is someone that never complains, always has a great and positive attitude and is willing to express herself and have great dialogue with clients as well. She is always willing to work 24/7/365 and has worked many overtime hours and weekends to assist us in our TBI work and client retention. She is someone that deserves the President’s Award.”

Congratulations to this year’s winners and to the countless other A&A team members nationwide who have also exemplified the same qualities that we value in our Crystal Star Recipients. 

We thank you.

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