Why Commercial Office Cleaning Is Essential For Any Office Space 

commercial office cleaning service

commercial office cleaning service

Why Commercial Office Cleaning Is Essential For Any Office Space 

Commercial office cleaning is one of the most important services that you can perform at your facility. When done properly, it will make your facility look and feel amazing. You’ll be able to welcome employees and visitors onto the premises without so much as a second thought. However, when not handled properly, or not done at all, your office space will not only become unsightly but can become a detriment to your staff and visitors. 

Throughout this article, we’ll explain why commercial office cleaning is an essential service for every office space. And we’ll give you three steps for finding a service provider that will be able to deliver the level of cleanliness your facility needs and deserves.

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One of the most important things that any employer or building manager can do is to make sure that their employees and tenants have a comfortable, productive work environment. People spend roughly 33% of their time at work. That’s a lot of commitment, and if there are environmental factors that are causing discomfort, it can make that commitment miserable. 

While this could be used as an argument for the nicest chairs or the most in-office amenities, the most practical step employers can take is to ensure that employees aren’t having allergy attacks due to allergen buildup. 

Some of the most common allergens found in office complexes are mold, pollen, and dust mites. These can lead to serious health complications for those with Asthma, and can even cause Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis) in those without underlying health conditions. Commercial office cleaning services can help eliminate the buildup of these allergens through daily cleaning services and periodic deep cleaning. 

Considering one in four adults suffers from allergic reactions to these common allergens, mitigating the risk to employees’ health through commercial office cleaning is going to ensure that they aren’t suffering needlessly. This becomes especially important if your company allows pets in the office.

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Pet-friendly workplaces are becoming increasingly common in the U.S. And in the interest of employee health and safety, employers need to quickly come up with a plan of action to keep their offices sanitary. 

We’ll give you a quick overview of the topic, but if you’d like a more in-depth look at this issue, check out our full article, “Pet-Friendly Workplaces Are On The Rise, How Are You Keeping Your Office Clean?

With more than 20% of American households adopting pets during the Covid-19 pandemic, companies began adopting pet-friendly policies to help convince workers to come back to the office. 

With two of the most prominent drawbacks of these policies being pet-related allergies and sanitation issues, commercial office cleaning has become a popular choice among pet-friendly workplaces. 

A large number of employees suffer from some degree of pet allergies. And lackluster sanitation practices can cause buildups of pet dander, fecal matter, and bacteria that will leave your office smelling bad. 

The standard cleaning practices of most office places simply won’t be sufficient for tackling these problems. Instead, employers need to consider working with commercial office cleaning service providers who can thoroughly clean the office every single day. Commercial office cleaning companies, like A&A Elevated Facility Solutions, will also have the pet-friendly cleaners needed to keep the pets in your office safe. 

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Office spaces can be a prime breeding ground for communicable diseases. Just like other venues such as gyms, schools, stores, etc., there is an increased level of interpersonal contact with other individuals within an office setting. Even if you have your own office, if you spend any amount of time with co-workers in communal spaces, share the same furniture, or touch the same equipment, there’s a good chance that sickness will be able to spread. 

While this probably wasn’t something that was top of mind just a few years ago, the Covid-19 pandemic has made large swaths of the population very aware of the dangers that communicable diseases present in the office. There was a reason that the vast majority of workplaces switched to remote work during the early days of the disease’s outbreak. And while many workplaces have returned to the office, there is still some underlying anxiety about getting sick at work. And this isn’t helped by the negative stereotypes of workplaces that force employees to show up even when they’re sick with a contagious illness…

The way that most offices have traditionally been cleaned and sanitized has proven to be ineffective time and time again. However, commercial office cleaning can help workplaces eliminate pathogens and diseases that thrive in the workplace by implementing proper daily cleaning techniques.


There are several major differentiating factors between traditional office cleaning practices and those implemented by commercial office cleaning service providers. Most businesses disinfect their offices with trigger sprayers, foggers, and misters. And these commonly used tools simply don’t get the job done. But commercial office cleaning companies have access to innovative tools, like electrostatic disinfectant sprayers, that can completely disinfect high-traffic surfaces.  

Couple that with the customizable plans that companies like A&A Elevated Facility Solutions offer, and your offices are going to be left substantially cleaner than they were when handled by traditional cleaners.

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Office cleanliness has a direct impact on employee health in a variety of different ways, and that can affect office productivity. Maintaining a tidy office is essential to a company’s overall efficiency. A tidy and well-maintained workplace contributes to the creation of a positive and healthy atmosphere that may raise employee morale, encourage attention and concentration, and ultimately enhance productivity.

Not only can an unclean office negatively impact employee health, but it can also increase stress levels. Employees may find it difficult to concentrate on their tasks when they work in an unclean office, which can reduce the company’s production as a whole. This is particularly true for people who are already easily distracted, such as those who have ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder).

On the other hand, a clean office can help make employees feel calmer and less stressed. When their workplace is clean, workers are more likely to feel at ease and motivated. Employees can better enjoy their time at work—which is important considering how long we all spend in the office.

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Office organization is crucial to the professionalism of a company overall. Clients, customers, and visitors might get a good sense of a company’s dedication to high standards and attention to detail by seeing a well-cleaned environment. But a dirty office will provide the wrong impression and hurt a company’s reputation.

When visitors enter an office space, their first impression of the business is formed within the first few seconds. A clean workspace creates an immediate sense of professionalism, making visitors feel welcome and confident in the company’s ability to meet their needs. A dirty office, however, can make visitors question the competence of the company and its employees.

This is especially important if your business regularly brings potential clients to the office for pitch meetings. It won’t matter how good your pitch decks are if your office is dirty. Not to mention, if your office isn’t regularly sanitized then guests might wind up getting sick after touching high-traffic surfaces in your office. And if a potential client gets sick after visiting your office, that won’t leave a great impression.

 3 steps for choosing the right commercial office cleaning service


Not every cleaning company is made equal. Some will look to cut corners, make lofty promises they can’t fulfill, and otherwise neglect to provide their clients with the service they deserve. That’s why choosing the right commercial office cleaning service provider is a crucial first step in providing your employees and visitors with the experience they deserve. You need to be sure that the company you partner with can meet expectations and deliver the service your facility needs. Here are three things to look for when choosing a commercial office cleaning service.


You must have a clear understanding of the different service level agreements on offer from your chosen commercial office cleaning service. This will help you anticipate the type of service your facility will be receiving regularly and will help foster a healthy business relationship. If there are uneven expectations or misconceptions about the level of work that was agreed upon, it can lead to resentment and inevitably a failed partnership. 

If your company is entering a period of growth or is anticipating growth in the near future, be sure that the cleaning company you partner with has the resources available to scale to meet your needs. That way you don’t have to work with multiple different companies as your business adds more facilities. 


As we mentioned near the beginning of this article, the old ways of commercial office cleaning simply aren’t acceptable anymore. These traditional methods are ineffective and inefficient, and won’t be used by any company worth their salt. When choosing a company to partner with, ensure that they’re using the most innovative technologies and techniques available. 

Is the company you’re considering still using trigger sprays and paper towels to wipe down surfaces? Or are they using machines like the Clorox Total 360 sprayer that get near total coverage of every surface they’re used on? 

Is one person cleaning an entire section by themselves? Or is a team of trained specialists going through the facility zone by zone ensuring that every task is completed to the highest standard?

Make sure you’re putting your facility into hands that care about their craft. Don’t settle for a company that is stuck in the past. 


Anyone can assert that they are committed to providing the best possible service and cleanliness. However, their words are hollow unless they are actively striving to meet the global standards applied within the sector. 

Look for companies that have met the requirements set out by the International Sanitary Supply Association. Certificates like the CIMS and CIMS-B demonstrate a business’s commitment to excellence. 

And if you want to improve your building’s environmental impact, you’ll need to work with a company that can help you earn points within LEED EB: O&M green building rating system.

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If you’re ready to take your facility’s cleaning procedures to the next level, then you need to work with a company that understands what it takes to get there. 

At A&A Elevated Facility Solutions, we are dedicated to providing superior service to our strategic partners. We make it our mission to provide our strategic partners with a clean facility they can be proud to walk into day in and day out. 

We utilize the most innovative cleaning technologies and methods available so we can provide you with the level of cleanliness that your business deserves. And we’ve been making good on that promise for our entire 50-year history. 

Our commitment to excellence is what helped us to grow into one of the top minority-owned commercial office cleaning companies in the country.

So if you’re ready to give your facility the level of service it deserves, schedule a meeting with one of our specialists today.

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