A&A Spotlight: Changed Lives Through Empowerment

A&A Spotlight: Changed Lives Through Empowerment

In a bustling world where dreams intersect with struggles, A&A stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking employment opportunities. Among its shining stars is a dedicated employee whose life underwent a transformative journey, through which A&A brought financial stability and a sense of belonging and purpose.

Meet Prosper Toubaro, whose story of resilience and community spirit demonstrates the positive impact that A&A creates.

A Life-Changing Opportunity

Prosper found himself at a crossroads in life, striving to make ends meet in the Central African Republic. He and his family moved all over – staying for brief periods in Ghana, Chad, Cameroon, all as refugees. He worked as a security guard and in laundry services, living in a refugee camp.

Prosper and his wife Evelyne have 7 young children, and the living circumstances were grim.

He yearned for a chance to build a new life, support his family, and pursue his dreams in America.

Prosper and his family moved to Portland, and met Jean McNamara the lead volunteer officer through Catholic Charities in their local community. She had some networking connections and made a couple calls.

In fact, it was their neighbor, Meredith Goddard, who made the connection to A&A. Meredith Goddard works as an IT Director at Lewis & Clark College. Meredith reached out to the Associate Vice President for Facilities, David Ernevad, about potential job opportunities and David connected Meredith to A&A.

That pivotal moment arrived when A&A warmly welcomed Prosper and his son Max to their employment staff. Then everything changed…

The Power of Community

It was through the power of networking and community that these miracles happened.

A&A’s Regional Director, Joe Principe, provided transportation for the family until they had another solution. They were able to find an expert translator based on a recommendation from French Professor Molly Robinson. Martin Lopez, a 2023 graduate of Lewis & Clark College, stepped up to help the family.

Martin was an extremely valuable resource because he is fluent in English, French, and Spanish. Together, Martin and Tania Gutierrez, A&A’s Operations Manager at Lewis & Clark, overcame the obstacles of language and culture.

It was all hands on deck for the A&A team to turn their family’s situation around.

The bond shared between the Toubaros and A&A made a profound impact on the family’s wellbeing, turning the workplace into a nurturing space for them to thrive.

A Stepping Stone to Success

Two noteworthy miracles unfolded:

  1. Prosper’s family of 9 got housing in an amazing neighborhood, thanks to Jean
  2. Joe got them started working for A&A at Lewis and Clark

Max, who has a hearing disability, was independent, strong, and capable at work. He and Prosper have amazing attitudes and a positive outlook on life.

It’s heartwarming to see how the A&A company culture encourages employees to not only work together, but foster a true sense of family.

A Sustainable Source of Income

The impact of Joe’s contribution to hire Prosper and Max goes beyond offering employment. By bringing them into the A&A family, Joe created a second chance for the Toubaro family.

This gesture not only changed the lives of this family, but also instilled hope and positivity within the entire A&A and Lewis & Clark communities.

The family is doing much better now, and on their way to financial independence.

In Conclusion…

Prosper’s journey with A&A exemplifies the power of opportunity, community, and empowerment.

The company’s commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of its employees and beyond is commendable.

Thanks to all who made this possible: Prosper and Max found not just a job, but a place where they could flourish as individuals and as a family. Their story serves as an inspiration to all, proving that with the right support and opportunities, lives can be transformed, and dreams can come true.

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